Button Templates

We've provided Photoshop templates for your button layout.

Photoshop .psd


Follow the guidelines below to ensure that your buttons turn out looking the way you want.


For the best looking buttons set your resolution to 300dpi. Web images are only 72dpi and don't print very well. If there is a problem with your resolution we'll let you know.


Try to send your images at least 2" x 2". Don't send a 1" x 1" image. Most times we have to resize your image and it's better to go smaller than bigger.

Color Format

It's best to send your artwork as CMYK rather than RGB. Your buttons may not turn out they way they look on the screen if you send us RGB format. If there's a significant difference between RGB and CMYK we'll let you know before we print your order.

File Formats

We prefer all artwork be sent as a .psd but We can accept the following file types:

.psd - Photoshop
.ai - Illustrator

If you send us .psd or .ai files be sure to rasterize your text layers!!


Button Do's & Dont's

Good Button


Image is 2" x 2" / 300dpi / CMYK


Image needs to be sized down to fit into button.  Plenty to work with.

Image looks good and fits into button nicely.

Button looks great and is ready to print.


Bad Button - Artwork Too Small


  Image is 1" x 1" / 72dpi / CMYK


Image needs to be sized up to fit.  Not good.

Image gets pixilated and blurry.

Oh oh, button looks bad.  Do you really want to give your fans this??
Solution: Make sure your images are at least 300dpi and 2"x2".


Bad Button - RGB vs CMYK


Image is 2" x 2" / 300dpi / RGB


When the RGB (screen colors) get converted to CMYK (printer colors) the results can be less than appealing.

Solution:  Convert your image to CMYK before you send it to ensure the colors are the way you want it.



Bad Button - Artwork Shape (no bleed)


Image is 2" x 2" / 300dpi / CMYK


Image doesnt really fit. 

Image needs to be cropped.
Solution: Make sure your artwork has enough border that it wont look funny when its cropped.

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